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  • Categories
    Categories In industry, it also includes copolymers of ethylene with a small amount of alpha-alkene;Is a transp...
  • Signal Relay
    Signal Relay Membrane with imported raw materials, chemical EXXON EXXON mobil, DOW chemical DOW companies such as...
  • Power Relay
    Power Relay Alias strapping.Packing tape (strapping tape) is made of polyethylene, polypropylene resin, cold rol...
  • Automotive Relay
    Automotive Relay BOPP box sealing tape is made of special polypropylene film (BOPP) as the base material and coated w...
  • Electric Power Relay
    Electric Power Relay There are two kinds of bubble bag: one side and two sides. One side bubble bag is suitable for prote...
  • Air bubble film
    Air bubble film Bubble film is high pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, and then add whitening agent, op...
  • PET strap
    PET strap PET packing tape is a kind of polyester packing tape with PET as the main raw material after extrusi...
  • Printing tape
    Printing tape Also called printing sealing tape, printing tape, etc.Characteristics of printing tape: in the gener...
  • Pearl wool
    Pearl wool Polyethylene foamed cotton, also known as EPE pearl cotton, is a new environmental protection packag...
  • Valve bag
    Valve bag Plastic self - sealing bags, also known as dense bags.Made of polyethylene (LDPE), a sealed bag, is ...


Service First, Continuous Innovation, Providing Professional Solutions for Customers

Ningbo Yifa Plastic packaging Co., a wholly-owned enterprises, located in Ningbo Zhenhai Luotuo Zhen Yu Cun, founded in 2003, specializing in the production of stretch film, all kinds of sealing tape, a variety of material bag and other packaging materials. Companies to fully understand the needs of consumers, develop personalized sales programs and professional product development. Winding film, sealing tape, a variety of material of the bag, according to the different formulations and uses of strict classification, so that customers use to the most suitable, cost-effective, the most professional products. In the packaging industry in the future development, Ningbo Yifa will become one of a variety of domestic packaging the technology, and service the most thoughtful factory.


Service First, Continuous Innovation, Providing Professional Solutions for Customers
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